Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Wishes

Many Wishes for you and your families this Easter weekend. I took this picture in a restaurant. It was the end of a hallway. It seemed cheerful and exuberant; it reflected the renewal of spring's landscapes and this holiday weekend.
Enjoy and give thanks...

Monday, February 3, 2014

Layering items on my Bookshelves

I love bookshelves and I love books! Here in my living room I have a set of shelves in oak, live the barrister bookcases. I had only books on the shelves. It seemed boring to me so I stated to layer items. First I added the basket on a few books laying down then added my vintage basket.   

Why not add some of my favorite items in front as well? My collection of velvet Victorian what nots where tucked away and deserved to be shown. They fit perfectly in front of the books and had room for a few paperweights. As most of the subjects of these books are England. London and royals the Victorian era velvets remind me of Doyle's Sherlock Homes books. Watson, I need the perfect magnifying glass to finish the display.
thanks for coming by.

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Monday, January 27, 2014

OLD JARS/ NEW LIDS= NEW LOOK and organized!

In my last post I had started on my New Year's  resolution to organize my homestead kitchen.My latest strategy is to reuse a mix of old jars that were hidden in the cupboards and make them pretty to be on the kitchen counter.


The canning jars are a bit different as are the lids and tops.
I bought these lids after Christmas,  on sale. 
 They came in a  set with other designs.  

Using the jars to hold different tea bags, handy! Love the way they look with my red appliances. A simple red and white check cloth napkin pull it all together and easy to clean up. I painted the brick in a creamy white paint and aged them with a tan glaze. Very easy two paint colors and brush.

When not being used, the jars line up on the top of the toaster oven.  I really do not use that appliance much, except to reheat pizza. It keeps it from getting soggy.

I  would love to find the perfect tray to bring the teabags to the table for serving..

Working on other easy and inexpensive ways to organize my kitchen and make it look great as well. Looking for ways to store my dry spices that looks good and takes up less cupboard space.
thanks for coming by.
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Friday, January 10, 2014

New jar labels-2104- Organizing my Kitchen!

Do you love my new chalkboard tags on my vintage jars?
The shelves above my fridge have always been a handy place to hold odds and ends. Know it is even better. I bought these vintage jars a few years ago at Brimfield antiques and I love them. 

When I was preparing muffin batter about a year ago,  I thought I had added sugar to the batter but it was salt. Listen, I have a salt addition but even I could not eat those salty muffins!

I have been careful since then.  I think these labels will help! I found them at Target while Christmas shopping. Similar ones can be found online but for me the red border around the black label, meant for Christmas, are perfect for my kitchen where red abounds! 

Now I am looking  for  places to put  labels, think it is addicting.I used actual chalk to write on the labels and I love the effect but there is also a pen that writes like chalk and is permanent. 

 Humpty Dumpty, the stuffed guy I made, sits on the middle shelf. It was made by first sewing a egg from cloth and then drawing on it with black marker. Kind of a an egg thing going on in my kitchen. 
Come back for my more organizing ideas from my homestead. 
I love my labels and no more mistaking ingredients!

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