Saturday, November 5, 2011

FIT FOR A PRINCE: my Krumpet

Is this not the cutest dog bed?
I found the pic on google and thought my yorkie, Krumpet, would love it.
It is not Krumpet in the photo but it looks alot like him. Think it will be fun to try to reproduce this couch/ bed with old salvage pieces of wood, and also to go green and recycle. The charm and vintage vibe to the couch will fit perfect next to my canopy bed in my room.
Krumpet has a bed in every room in the homestead to insure that wherever I am working he can be near by...


Karen and Krumpet

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ps. you are so right Lilybets, I would cover it in a lovely fabric, probably a tapestry.


lilybets said...

Krumpet is more pretty,I like that bed...but I would love it coloured, pink or pink and white pois !Make it more fashion!

Unknown said...

I so agree! would cover it in a tapestry of pinks and burgundies!


Gisele my Arbonne said...

Great bed for any prince. Yes, it's you Karen. Krumpet would enjoy for sure.

Kathy said...

Perfect! Just love it - just right for Krumpet!

Millie said...

Krumpet most definitely needs this lovely puppy accessory Karen! Perhaps Santa could sneak it down the chimney next month.
Millie xx