Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Brayton Cottage

Thank you to my blogging friends for your excitement and purchases on my new 

Sales have been so good I needed to order scarves of all three colors.

The ivory color especially, so easy to wear, I have mine on nearly every day and I have a closet full of other scarves!

Antiques and collectibles are doing very well too.
new items like this lampshade above still need to be added to the shop...

and stay tuned for a giveaway?


Sassafras and Winterberry said...

I just got my scarf in the mail today and I'm already wearing it! I love it! The whole make up of this scarf is perfect...soft fabric which sculpts to the neck...then lovely lace and embellishments to drape softly. Run...don't walk to get this item!
Plus, fast...I mean fast shipping! If you love scarves...and I do...go this scarf!
Thanks for everything!

Unknown said...

wow- thanks so much Courtney- so glad you love it! really sweet...


Luna Bird said...

I have a scarf addiction too but unfortunately now live in very hot humid place. Your photos are beautiful. x Luna