Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Etsy Treasury "SEPIA"

My new Etsy treasury! A treasury is collection of work you create on Etsy using 12 different Etsy artists work of your choice. Feel free to leave a comment to all these fine artists. Enjoy


Janine - Foxtail Creek Studio said...

I love the whole feel of this collection... sepia, muted pinks and cream all seem to be my favorite colors lately. Thank you for including my neck cuff in your collection!

GumballGrenade said...

This was so beautifully done! Plus what a cute little yorkie down there in your other post!

Celeste said...

That's a beautiful treasury. I love the subtle colors



shannamichele said...

Thanks so much for putting my bracelet in this lovely collection. There are some fantastic artists here and it is curated nicely!

TummyMountain said...

Thanks for including my little scared one in your beautiful sepia treasury.

AlliesAdornments said...

I'm honored to be included in this beautiful treasury!
Best wishes!

wzgirl said...

AlliesAdornments beautiful baubles are even more gorgeous in person...if you can believe it!!