Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Barn Renovation

I LOVE this Barn Renovation! Wish there was still a barn in my backyard but it was torn down about 50 years ago; I dream of rebuilding one someday and it would resemble this warm and welcoming interior. Barn board walls and rugged support beams mix seamlessly with white furniture accented by a kilmn covered ottoman.
A perfect place to spend an Autumn day...
Image: Carrier and Company


FrenchBlue said...

So Beautiful! I love it too! Something about a large open and organic space that we could nest in is a dream~

My husband lived in an old barn, made into a house when I met him:)
Barns have always reminded us of those earlier days together~


Lee said...

Oh, it's so pretty it almost hurts. I love it...even the tv looks good.
Do you know about the floors...they look like decking, unfinished scratched and scuffed a real horse barn floor.
I think I could duplicate that without it being to pricey. One of my favorite rustic cabins is the one in the movie "Legend of the Falls" rugged and refined blended together and hey, Brad Pitt is easy on the eyes too.

Winston says "hi back at ya... and of course Krumpet too!"
Sasparilla is taking another beauty nap while Winston is laying on my shoes grooming his precious little feet as all terriers do. Did I mention he is an excellent "break dancer" as he drags around on his belly on the wool rugs in circles with quick angular motions with his little mouth open, flashing some pearly whites and one eye on you as if he is smiling the whole time he is performing. Then he jumps on my leg and sings... the blues... until I pick him up... such pleasure we get from these little guys.
"Blues Singer and Break Dancer" what a combo!
Thanks for the encouragement.

Unknown said...

Oh how I would love to live there, BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Debra@CommonGround said...

I love this barn, but the first thing I noticed was the lighting. Love the chandelier. And it looks so comfortable and cozy, so fall.

Brabourne Farm said...

I dream of beautiful barns like this - fabulous restoration! Leigh

Caroline said...

I love the rustic elegance of this remodel, a great space to get away from it all.

elisa said...

The wood gives such a warm feel and the contrast with the white/off white fabrics makes the room very beautiful indeed.

Unknown said...

Thank you,
I love reading all your comments! I love this barn, so warm and inviting, like your comments...


Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

I love the barn turned into a warm inviting home. Thanks for sharing.