Thursday, December 31, 2009

Front page on etsy

I am so excited to have the vintage Barbie doll dress from my new shop
on Etsy's
Front Page!

features wondrous treasures
in all shades of white
IMAGES: etsy, Brayton Cottage (me)


Unknown said...

Gisele said,"Oh , the days of Barbie dolls! Hours of fun and dress-up. " Great dress.

Lee said...

I don't remember that particular dress...It looks great on that white chippy paint.
wishing you a Happy Prosperous New Year!

Angie @ thejunkranch said...

That's great! You will have to snatch up one of their "front page" buttons for your blog.

My grandmother used to make my Barbie's clothes and I still have them. I will have to show them on my blog one day...the gowns are still so beautiful to me. She used the most wonderful fabrics.

Unknown said...

thanks Edward, Lee and Angie-
This dress is a vintage handmade dress-
thanks and Happy New Year!


Beach Cottage Studio said...

Congratulations Karen!! Happy New Year! ~Kristine

Pretty Things said...

Congrats! And I would have KILLED for that dress back in my Barbie days. Shoot, I'd love it now!

Unknown said...

Oooh, I have been on the front page a couple of times. Isn't it wonderful?


agnesofgod said...

Congrats on making front page. That is not easy to do. Your new shops is wonderful. Cannot wait to see more.

Unknown said...

Congrats on making front page, I also look forward to see more beautiful things on your site....and love the dress.