Sunday, February 6, 2011

Paris Views

Can you see it, yes that tall thing?

Can you see it again? Right there above !

Friends, I have to say how fortunate I am that have viewed
The Eiffel Tower in Paris
from below looking up
(pics from my Paris trip)

from the middle-
had this taken of me while going up the tower,
here almost midway...

and shot breathtaking views from

from the VERY TOP
of the Tower!

in all four directions...

I have even viewed it
lit up on a Saturday night from the balcony of my rented

but was I surprised when I saw it in

While sipping the last drop of my Earl Grey,
leisurely enjoying a pot of tea in the local cafe
I noticed
the tea leaves had formed the shape of the
Eiffel Tower
Can you see it?

Oh, good!
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Images: all Brayton Homestead Interiors


Unknown said...

Awesome view, I never thought of the buildings being that close together. I've never been out of the states, so I guess there is a lot I don't realize.
My daughter and her husband went to Paris on their honey moon 18 years ago.

Rebecca said...

Wow-thanks for the pics-I'll never get there-how exciting!

lilybets said...

Paris is the most romantic's possible you can see inside the cup because Valentine's day is coming!!!.

Anne Marie said...

Hi Karen....I don't think I"ll ever make it to Paris!! but I sure do enjoy looking at others pictures...what a great experience for you!

Anne Marie

Unknown said...

Breathtaking pictures, and yes I can see the tower in your tea cup, what do you think that means?

Anonymous said...

Paris, is so stunning, isn't it? I have been there twice and loved it every time. And love your photos. I actually posted some of my photos this past Saturday as a tribute to meeting a fabulous French lady in the cheese section of my grocery store! :) It was my celebration of little moments. You can see them here:

Angie @ Linen + Verbena

time worn interiors said...

That first picture is lovely! It's been years since I've been to Paris, would love to visit again soon!

BailiwickStudio said...

It's been years since I was in Paris, and I've never thought any other city was as beautiful. Your photos are wonderful! ::Jill

Unknown said...

I want to go back! My daughter and I went years ago. Lovely pictures!


Victoria said...

I've never been to Paris, you're so lucky! I got dizzy just looking at the pics you took from the top of the tower!!!

Crystal said...

I love all your pics!!! I hope to see it in person some day!!!!