Sunday, December 2, 2012

I'm dreaming of a White & Pink Christmas

I'm dreaming of a white & pink Christmas.
just like the ones I used to know... 

grew up with my own little tree in my bedroom. covered with pink ornaments, 
I still have some of them!

A vignette from my mantle, gllitter predominates, pink charm makes me smile with memories.
hope you enjoyed.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Feather Tree

Hope you enjoy my Thanksgiving white feather tree. This tree was a great investment, it works for every holiday and season. It looks great if it simply adorned or elaborately laden.

Here atop the kitchen table, a giant acorn ornament boasts most of the attention but feathers and sugared smaller acorn ornaments add a deeper color to the tree.
Sorry for my absence, had a small health matter.

A closer look beyond the tree shows the beehive oven in my Federal 1796 kitchen...

and a stack of old basket boxes cover the opening for firewood.

How have you decorated for the coming holiday, love it would share your ideas!


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall Weekend

A perfect weekend to pick apples and pumpkins, bike ride , gather sunflowers or antique shopping .This photograph reminds me of Paris, does it to you?. Hope your weekend is perfect!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Classic British Black & Tan

Tans and black, so classic, to me an all season color combination. It reminds me of Burberry plaid, which I do adore. 

Anything English makes me think about my constant companion , my Yorkshire terrier,

Always British, the classic detective Sherlock Holmes. Of course, I visited this pub when I visited London.
With the last name of Doyle, could I not? Have I mentioned that my Dad was a  real detective?

Checks on floors, checks on walls, 

compliment black tones in my office. The egg shaped wood box originally held to hold tea.

Kitchen Fall design at the homestead includes whites, golds, tan and yes black.

Acorns are dropping in the neighborhood, my trees are about to drop chestnuts

Really feeling like Fall now,

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall fell into our living room

Fall fell into our living room and Krumpet is pleased!

Dried flowers abound and exude the fall look. Tapestry fabrics/ old leather books and wood tones always welcome me to sit and read.

A comfy chair and a cup of tea call for soft background music. This room was originally a dining room/ kitchen when the homestead was built in 1796. 

Mostly a library now except for the holidays when the whole family gathers.
Thanksgiving is coming, love it!


Monday, September 17, 2012

Soap Dispenser Revealed

Summer flowers always dress up my guest bathroom with just the right amount of color.

Blue hydrangeas, correopsis, beach roses and a butterfly bush's blossom happily adorn a handmade stone
countertop. Do you remember a post awhile about my inability to select a soap dispenser for my guest bathroom?

 Yes, I finally selected one, do you like it?

 I like the way the dispenser compliments the antique pitcher and bowl my mother gave me, but it is new so functions well... 

Yeah, I think the room might finally be done...

Well, not really. Decorating any room is never finished, isn't that the fun of it?

I am so thrilled to have my vintage PIANO BABY from my Brayton Cottage shop
featured in Debra's fantastic Monday Marketplace weekly post at

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Red Roses equals Paris Chic

Red Roses for this lady. My own personal favorite color combination mixes tawny pinks, pinkish tans, claret and burgundy contrasted by rich black tones.

My bedroom best highlights this Victorian influenced color ensemble. Think faded burgundy oriental carpets, dried pink roses edged with tea stain browns, and the soft peach of a cherubim face...

Old roses painted on old fabric and perfectly dried blossoms say natural elegance...

and create a style I call "Paris Flea Market meets Shabby Chic".

another bedroom view, just begging for all these fabulous lampshades.

These eye candy shades are lovelies that I hope to recreate for my decorating clients and my Brayton Cottage shop..



Monday, September 3, 2012

Tapestries, textures and tones

A vintage statue, it's position on my kitchen fireplace mantle designates it's important place. A  serene face and colors always calm me. The tones and textures really represent my personal style...

Tan and browns, woven baskets and wood tones are found in my office as well as the kitchen...

what? Yes the dog even has complimentary tones,
plaster and...

the real thing,

Karen & Krumpet

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kitchen updates in white

Painting everything white in my kitchen! Cannot seem to stop. It all started with changing my drawers to basket drawers and adding creamy white vintage dishes.

I took an old frame and first painted it white.

I had painted the bricks white too and used the seem gold glaze on the frame as I used on the bricks.

I am pleased how it is coming out. The plaque was given to me by the town, that is the year the house was built.

 Plan to put a chalkboard in the frame. 

More of the painted brick with kitchen utensils.
So much brighter and fresher.

what do you think?

Thanks for vising the Brayton Homestead!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Brayton Cottage is pet friendly!

At Brayton Cottage we are very pet friendly!
Krumpet always greets with a grin!

Well, we are really an online shop, but Krumpet is still always smiling... 

pet poodle boxes, animal figurines and more are available here
and a hand made pin cushion protected by a happy cat!