Friday, March 30, 2012

Paris duo!

Krumpet & I dream of returning soon to Paris. Just had new passport pics taken, the 1st step correct?
Do you find that you did not like your current passport photo until you get a new one, then you want the old one back?

Well, Krumpet did not really accompany me when I have visited France,
 but this time, he will!
Cafes galore on the schedule, a bowl of water for le chein, merci.

Naturally we will EAT CAKE!
and wear scarves!
thanks for visiting!
Karen & Krumpet

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Must get ready!

" I am so exhausted from delivering scarves from Brayton Cottage all over the world, 
how I will I ever recoup to deliver eggs?"

Well , do not rest now bunny, the Cottage just added more items...

and everyone is looking so pretty in their scarves...

You can not disapoint...

thanks Bunny,

Who doesn't love dogs?

A new line of fun animal theme lamps from England that I will be carrying at the Brayton Cottage, appropriate right? With a vintage look, they are both cheeky and lovely., how British!
dogs and birds coming too..
What do you think?

Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Spring!

Easter is only 2 weeks ago, dare I say, "where did the time go?"
The time of year for renewal, the birds are back chirping and my roses planted along the stone wall look like they made it through the winter
Happy Spring!

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Time

I love Spring and Easter time...

Easter is at the Brayton Cottage shop.
Any item ordered soon will arrive before Easter for gift giving,
Even gift wrapped!
The bunny will be here soon.
this cute vintage basket is at the cottage now,

a lovely Art Nouveau trinket box as well, 


a vintage watering can with a verdigris finish, flowers will be blooming soon!

hope you do have a chance to come by my shop, I would love it if you'd visit!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lavender and Lace

What is it about the time of year that brings the color purple to mind?
To me it was the pleasure of spotting the first bloom of 
Crocuses in the yard

Lavender and lace
Spring and rebirth
Easter and my new scarf at the 
Brayton Cottage

A stroll through an
English Garden... 

picking blooms as you may.

Enjoy the day and the weekend your way.
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A BLOG GIVEAWAY- lace scarf

Hi, I am so glad you could visit!
Have you been to the cottage?

oh, do come in!

especially as it is a bit drizzly today... 

maybe you arrived from the wonderful post at
where lovely Courtney is hosting a scarf giveaway for my shop. 
She is beautiful, sweet and SO talented.
thank you.

or you are in the mood to browse the 
 on my shop, I actually took this pic at the Flea in Paris.

or some handmade one of a kind jewelry

Again thank you so much Courtney!

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the lovely Debra at

and you for visiting,
love it if you followed my blog.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Time Change

Have you adjusted to the time change?

I changed mine at midnight Saturday. loved the glow in my living room so ran to get my  camera and started snapping pictures.

Ever since I started blogging I am always snapping pics. 
Ok, I was like that before too...
doll is for sale at Brayton Cottage


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dance away the weekend

Looking forward to the weekend to kick up my heels, put on my newish tuille dancing skirt and dance away!

Hoping that this truck will come to pick me up at the Homestead and wisk me away to the ball- no wait,
 that is Cinderella and it is not a van with a spectacular chandelier but mice and a pumpkin...!

A great week was spent on my Interior Decorating client work and
many sales of scarves on my shop! A blast!
even was included in a Facebook group named
you have to check it out
- one member evenmentioned my grey lace scarf!

One more day, Krumpet, and we will walk and DANCE!!

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Brayton Cottage

Thank you to my blogging friends for your excitement and purchases on my new 

Sales have been so good I needed to order scarves of all three colors.

The ivory color especially, so easy to wear, I have mine on nearly every day and I have a closet full of other scarves!

Antiques and collectibles are doing very well too.
new items like this lampshade above still need to be added to the shop...

and stay tuned for a giveaway?

Monday, March 5, 2012

A client's Master Bedroom Addition

A master Bedroom suite addition that I was so fortunate to design, from scratch!

I actually was the architect for the project, drew the plans, every detail 
and selected everything in the suite- everything- windows, doors, lighting beams  to furniture and all the rest.
Here is the view walking in from the rest of the house. 

Had those windows custom made. My inspiration was Manhattan loft windows.
Do you like it?

a bench for dressing...

and viewing the 50' long k oi pond, that I helped design a few years ago and choose all the landscaping material and plants. The  addition I positioned for optimal view!

The outside of the addition. Selected round French doors, old brick in a herringbone pattern and huge lead lights.Some of you may remember the wedding I planned for a client this May. Here is where my clients daughter walked out down the stairs with her father to be wed.
Hope you enjoyed- love to hear your thoughts...

Friday, March 2, 2012

Cottage scarves

Kim K wearing scarf I sell on my Brayton Cottage Shop!
I was so excited when I saw this pic on comcast.

Here is same scarf shown in ivory.Very romantic and versatile
I  wear mine all the time

Come in colors soft rose, charcoal grey, ivory and black.

Have not tried all the various ways to wear the scarves, but I will.
to see you at the cottage,

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