Sunday, January 22, 2012

Brayton Cottage Shop

So excited to announce that my new shop
is almost up and running and here are two of the categories in the store.

my fav category~ pic I took at the Paris Flea Market Marches

another category:
(articles to wear)

What do you think so far?
shop should be up by next week- I'll keep you posted

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Interior Design

Why Hire an Interior Designer?
here are some of things I keep in mind with every project I take on.

Here is an conference room for an international company that I designed.

Mustards, greens and burgundy, always classic.
you can see more on my Interior Design website.

So Why Hire an Interior Designer?
An Interior Designer should make your next project run smoother, faster and more economical.

As a designer decides, for example, on the color of your cabinets, they are considering many other choices  they will be making as well. Several decisions are made simultaneously, not one at a time. This insures a cohesiveness to the space and saves your valuable time and budget.

A good designer should also save you money on your protect. Discounts are passed on to the client and costly mistakes are avoided.

Thank you for visiting,

Monday, January 16, 2012

Sunlight and color

Shopping in Paris part two

I know just where I would love to go again in Paris... 

where I want to dine...

with someone very special... 

how I would dine...

and what I would select...

always prepared for a day, at least, 
for casual shopping...

and what I would purchase.

More elegant shopping, 
wait, what in Paris is not elegant?

a splurge of a lifetime...

my retreat at the end of a Paris pink day, and coming back to the apartment with
more drawings to add to the wall that I sketched that day....

Ready to go?
all pics from Brayton Interiors on Pinterest

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I am in Christies Auction House Catalog!

Yes, My Brayton Homestead, circa 1796 is in

A very lovely woman from Christie's Auction house in
contacted me that she has seen old pictures of the homestead on my blog and that Christies would be auctioning a table that was traced to have sat in the my house for over a hundred years.

was I thrilled that she asked if she could include a photograph of the Brayton Homestead.
This is the one I sent her.

Here is the gorgeous table that will be auctioned on January 20th. It had been on exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of art in 2005. I am  mentioned along with Brayton Homestead Interiors in the subtitle. I am still pinching myself, how exciting, do you agree?


love it you had a moment to help me choose a header for my new online shop in last post, thanks...

Monday, January 9, 2012

Friends, I need your advice to pick a header for my shop, can you help me choose?

Which do you prefer?
I cannot decide. 
My new shop- will be opening very soon
and I cannot decide on which header I prefer.
Will be selling home decor, vintage items, handmade jewelry and accessories, etc...

I could really use your advice and opinion,
thanks so much...
Which one? 

this is 1st one enlarged,


Sunday, January 8, 2012


Dreaming of shopping in Paris this summer. Been  a while since I have been. 

My new .com shop will be opening soon and I need to fill it up with French treasures...

would be walking around France as a free spirit with pink hair, 
really, 10 years younger and I would...

returning at he end of the day of shopping to my oh so chic~ decorated Paris apartment
by me of course...

with a handful of fresh flowers
and my Krumpet waiting for me, of course

stay tuned for

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Sunday, January 1, 2012



may it be filled with wonder and  happiness.

 New roads ahead filled with
excitement and joy!

 lovely images from Pinterest that I finally joined.

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