Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Williamsburg inspiration at Brayton Homestead

Christmas at the Brayton Homestead is inspired by my recent trips to Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. It started with a gold tone metal ornament holder in the shape of a tree that I purchased years ago.Although  a bit dated it seemed perfect for my house this year.It has been an incredibly exciting year; topping off the events is Fifi O'Neil coming to style my house then the homestead featured in Country Sampler magazine.
The snowman ornaments that I made  accompany a mix of tartan bows red apple ornaments and green icicle ornaments.

More Williamsburg inspiration on my kitchen fireplace mantle;.simple greens flow up and around my watercolors of fruits and vegetables. I collect interesting artificial fruits whenever I find it. A vintage French etching of a rooster centers the mantle arrangement.   

A peak of my paper mache snowman on my counter. Been been making them for years and love putting them out each year. Love that I can leave them out all winter, especially with our Massachusetts weather!

The idea of putting a candle in a wrought iron holder was something I saw while shopping in Williamsburg. Theirs was a lovely red lantern, but I improvised and really like it was. 

Merry Christmas from all at the Brayton Homestead. 
to you and yours.

Thank you for visiting the Homestead,