Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A healing weekend

Spent most of my time in bed this weekend, healing from an outpatient procedure that
wore me out,
 but, feeling much better now.

Cocooned under my canopy ( above) I rested and read my newest Aunt Dimity series book,
Have you read any of Nancy Atherton's books take place in the Cotswold's of England?
link is here to her books: http://www.aunt-dimity.com/
When Krumpet, my yorkie, was not on the bed with me, he rested right where you see him here!

also added new items to my Shop, 
shameless promoting, yes.

looking out into my living room (above)  forced me to start thinking about dressing the room up for Fall... 

My homestead, (above) all dressed up.
looking forward to the holiday weekend. Have not dressed for the fall yet.
Have a great week.

* top image from Google
all other images are mine of my Brayton Homestead

Monday, August 19, 2013

Little Birdie, please hold my rose

A fun weekend of church sales and flea markets! I purchased items to sell on my Brayton Cottage shop
and etsy shop. My favorite little thing that I kept for myself is the bird vase. 
Here in my homestead kitchen. 

The vase is connected to the bird with a piece of old wire.

I believe it was hand done by the previous owner and I love it! I have seen  a similar vase that the vase was part of the original design, but I love it's handmade charm. I have seen  a similar vase that the vase was part of the original design, but I love it's handmade charm.

A late rose and fern from my garden seem right at home. 

Paired with a little block, D for Doyle, my son's name pictured here with my yorkie, Krumpet. 

An old shelf to the left holds a myriad of mementos.
 Very old candle holders flank each corbel  on either side of the shelf. 

Makes me smile each time I see it all. hope you have a great week!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Homestead blooms

August is in full swing and I still had not shared my yard's bounty. Especially proud of the
hydrangeas and their beautiful blue tones.

This year the color is particularly nice, a bit darker than past years. Can you believe I saved this 
flower that was being thrown out by a neighbor, left out for the trash pickup years ago. 
Did not even think it would survive.

Clematis made a good show at the homestead too. Lots of grey washed wood here,
 I think the color gives an aged appearance. 

This is all in my side entrance area and the back of the ell of the house. The house section to the right is the original portion built in 1796. The left side, with the door, is the modern area, added in 1856, when kitchens became in vogue! The entire addition was just kitchen, still is.
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