Thursday, October 31, 2013

Getting my homestead ready for Fifi!!

Decorating, cleaning and excitingly waiting for Fifi Oneill's visit to my home very soon. Again pinch me for the dream come true. Fifi will be styling my house for the photographs. Wow, seems unreal to be saying that. 

If you do not know who Fifi is, she is the author of the books: Romantic Prarie Style and Romantic Prairie Cookbook. She also is published in several magazines,.Above is one of Fifi's incredible taste and style.
Will keep you posted. Thanks for all your kind words,

Monday, October 28, 2013

Fifi O'Neil is coming to my house!!!

Yes, the fabulous, one and only Fifi O'Neill is coming to photograph my home. Pinch me! This a is a dream of a lifetime. Just to meet her is a thrill, but to have her take pictures is so humbling!  Working hard to get the homestead ready.

Her iconic and gorgeous book, ROMANTIC PRAIRIE STYLE is worn bare from reading it constantly since I pre ordered it! Her personal style and decorating genius is incredible. Hope my 216 year old house is up to the task.

Chez Fifi image from Google images

Have you seen the magic she creates? Have to get the 216 year old homestead ready for our visit from Fifi. Cannot wait!!

thanks for visiting,