Friday, November 29, 2013

Our Homestead Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving was wonderful. I hope yours is to! Turkey was yummy, 
Mom's recipe for Portuguese stuffing was almost reached, gets closer every year. 

I did get a great thumbs up from Mom, now 91! Always so encouraging.

Plaids were the table theme this year and my sister's glitter turkey!

Mom fills the wood nut bowl she gave me every year, a Doyle tradition.
The tablecloth I just bought at Christmas Tree Shop worked out great. 

Feathers and  beaded fruit hang from the light fixture by plaid ribbons, so easy to do for easy ambiance. Every loved it- a new  tradtion!


Monday, November 18, 2013

Fifi at my home, really!

It really is true. Fifi O'Neill came to my home and the homestead will never be the same. nor I!!!
When I mentioned in my last post that she works magic I was correct, but wow!! 

Everything she touched came to life. Yes, it really is her in my kitchen, right?  

,  Utmost professional and talented, but Fifi was so charming, thoughtful,  beautiful and of course talented!!

Krumpet followed her around like, yup, a puppy dog!!! An experience of a lifetime that I will never forget!
 Mark Lohman, the incredible photographer was so talented.: his way of viewing the room's angles, and the lighting!  
Thank you my new friend, Fifi..