Saturday, January 29, 2011

snow at the Homestead

Sharing images of snow at my
please enjoy...

So my whole family digs in to help shovel and plow

I am so blessed! stay warm and dry,

Images: Brayton Homestead Interiors

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

another era

Sometimes I think that I should have been born in
the ruffles, the hats, the attitude...
where bathing was an art form and a luxury
is this tub in the middle of the room not amazing?
Lovely screens awaited to
envelop you while you dressed...

and you could escape in the images of far away lands...

Please enjoy, Karen

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IMAGES: Brayton Homestead Interiors, 1 , 3 & 4 taken at antique shops, Colonial East 2 -post from blog archive

Friday, January 21, 2011

Paris Ruffles

Can one not dream of Paris under a bevy of pink ruffles?

I frequently envision a return trip to Paris,
including what clothes I will be dressed in…

Views of the city nestled under one’s head
Certainly leads to thoughts of travel during slumber…

Imagining attending a fashion show
in the fashion capitol of the world...

I think Krumpet might even be dreaming of Paris

Are You?

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Images: Urban Outfitters 1 & 3 (then colorized), Etsy 2, google 4, Brayton Homestead Interiors

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

my guest bath

Come on in so I can show you around my guest bathroom. Putting a bathroom in a house built in 1796 is not an easy task. Originally, the Homestead had no bathrooms, enough of that...

No really, please come in. It is not very big, but it is bigger than it appears. Originally this room was called the "BOURNING ROOM". Yes, a room to deliver children in. Isn't that incredible?

The louver doors to the right open to a washer and dryer with shelves above. Another door near it opens to a shower. All tucked away to look old but very convenient. The floor is classic small black and white check ceramic tiles and the wallpaper is by Erica Wilson, one of her beautiful needlepoint's.

To the left are shutters that open to the sun. The white flowers grow wild in my yard, I just love them! Still around since college is the white plaster sculpture I made, and I still love it too...

thank you for coming by,
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IMAGES: all Brayton Homestead Interiors originals

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Vintage Silver All Aglow

When getting up recently in the middle of the night to make a cup of peppermint tea , I switched on my bedside light and started walking out of the room. I turned back for a second and could see this wonderful glow.

So I went a got my camera and starting taking pictures.
Yes, about 3:00 am!

Now, this problem is getting serious dear friends.
I have always loved taking photos, but since blogging
~ I am a bit overzealous!
Is this happening to anyone else? I see so many things during my day to photograph and share. I am pleased with the outcome of these pictures, are you?

An antique silver lamp graced with a needlepoint shade, a beat up candlestick, my dragonfly monoprint,books that are really boxes for easy to grab items, and a Pottery Barn cordless phone all hang out together...

IMAGES: all Brayton Homestead Interiors

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

winter whites

Usually I love deep colors, especially in home decor. Browns, reds, burgundies, pinks
my faves. But I am more and more drawn to whites, and more so in the winter.

As I browse through Etsy shops, and blogs , I can see creams everywhere even my shop and blog! ( and in a treasury) According to the newest issue of Country Living , I am in great company.

During the winter , winter whites make me think of snow scapes with deer, children making snowman. To be honest I love snowmen~ now I make them in paper mache; but I was always that little girl who complained that she was too cold to stay outside and make a snowman.

Still drawn to stay inside out of the cold, with a cup of hot cocoa, surrounded by vintage whites.
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Images: all Brayton Homestead Interiors

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Owls in Home Decor

Have you noticed how popular owls are? Home decor is no exception and I think the trend is here for a while. This white owl lamp from West Elm is full of rich texture that really is accented in white. Perfect for White Wednesday at Faded Charm.

Owls have always interested me, shown here in my pencil drawing, enjoy...

Even Target has a great contemporary style owl lamp.
White with a black lampshade, always so classic.

I love the etching style black line drawing reproduced on the border of these pillowcases. Must haves, from Urban Outfitters.

a little owl has even flown into my etsy shop, taking refuge under a branch...

Shades of Light offers a more country version of the owl lamp. Reminds me of vintage Bennington Pottery, love this one too...

I believe this creature will be seen in jewelry and home decor items for quite a while. They seem to me endearing, of course wise, retro and fun but they also represent flight, wonder and the best of nature.


Images: West Elm, Brayton Homestead Interiors, Target, Urban Outfitters, Brayton Homestead Interiors/Brayton Cottage, Shades of Light.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Brayton Homestead Interiors website


with my
and to reveal to you my New Years news!

Brayton Homestead Interiors
– the website-
will be arriving soon
and will feature examples of decorating work
I have been creating for over the last 25 years.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement
on my blog ,which will certainly be continuing as well as the interior design website.


Images: google 1-3, Brayton Homestead Interiors 3-5