Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Chartreuse , Tapestry & Recycled Wood

Thank you for visiting Brayton Homestead. Our homestead was built in 1796 and it a wonderful home to live in. Rich textures and materials create a a warm and inviting feeling. Hope you enjoy the tour of our front entrance. 

The front door entry,circa 1796, boasts original wide pine floor boards, antiques, tapestry and lots of the color chartreuse.  I found this Victorian rocker with it's tapestry upholstery at an antique auction. The background color of the tapestry inspired all the hall's collectibles. The pillows are made from old carpets. Mixing patterned textiles is one of my decorating signatures in my design business. 

Upon entering the hallway there are doors on either side to enter formal parlors. Straight ahead is a stairway that leads up to the second floor bedrooms. Two old white chippy corbels sit at the edge of the stairs. They break up all the wood tones while adding color and texture. I love adding recycled architectural salvage to any space.

More chartreuse! More tapestry! I had the corner cabinet made from old floor boards from another part of the house that were too damaged to repair. That is very unusual at the Homestead, we save and restore everything, but these boards were too damaged and weak. We recycled them to have a new life as a piece of furniture.

Vaseline glass pieces, Kewpie dolls, a bird's nest and photographs all mingle together, inspired by one color! 

You never know where your decorating inspiration may come from, here it was a tapestry rocker. I added an old footstool near and a tapestry throw for more texture and pattern.  I love the bohemian, yet Victorian look a mix of textiles create.

Inspiration is everywhere! Explore and enjoy
Thank you for visiting the Brayton Homestead!


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Rue said...

Absolutely lovely! It's wonderful that you preserve things in your old home!

LV said...

You have done wonders with your place. I am inclined to think they built and used better material years go.