Thursday, March 11, 2010

Celtic Woman concert

Attended a glorious CELTIC WOMAN concert, and all I can say is -wow!

the sets ~ the costumes ~the lighting~ wonderful
the music was

if you ever get an opportunity to see Celtic Woman
and be taken to a country far far away
I recommend you do.
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thank you.
IMAGES: Celtic Woman


Carole said...

You're so lucky to have seen them. That might have been the concert we were thinking of going to. They were on PBS one night when the tickets were being sold. They blew me away just watching them on TV I can't imagine what I would have done seeing them live...probably pee my pants:)) sorry that was too much info!

Thanks for stopping by so I could follow you!

Unknown said...

I have a friend that is so li-love with these ladies that he won't miss a showing of their show on PBS! They are in fact quite lovely...smiles.

Janet Metzger, Artist said...

I have a 'Follow' widget..not sure why you did not see it. Strange.

Pretty Things said...

That sounds awesome. My husband and I saw something called "Celtic Fusion" about eight/nine years ago and it was awesome, too!

Unknown said...

Gisele said," I went with my mom and we were 6 row from the stage. Great show! Love their songs and the fiddler was astonishing to see. She danced all over the stage as she played. So glad I went. Thanks to my daughter that gave me the tickets."

Unknown said...

Looks like a great show, glad you enjoyed it!!