Wednesday, March 24, 2010

puddles and giveaways

Profusions of rain would not be so bad
if you had this pretty pink parasol and
were in Paris!
But the silver lining is that there is still time to sign up for my


FrenchBlue said...

One of the cutest photos I have is a little girl pushing a baby buggy in a park in Paris~~ She has brand new pink converse shoes on, she is in a puddle...but the interesting this is, her shoes aren't muddy... I just realized the other day, she must have been an Angel!


AuroraSuzette said...

Did you notice the ruffled knee socks too? How perfect!

Unknown said...

I did notice AuroraSuzette, they are perfection. and French Blue she does look angelic there in the middle of the park now when I look at it,
love your coments ~ thanks,


Unknown said...

How I wish we could use that pink parasol in New England but with all this rain. How I love those knee socks and shoes.