Friday, January 16, 2015


I was asked to take a BLOG CHALLENGE with the great online store, CHAIRISH. The challenge was to create an inspiration board around one of their vintage furniture pieces. To my delight there were many painted/ distressed beauties that I love ! Their vintage painted furniture perfectly reflects my decorating style at my own home, the Brayton Homestead, as well as being a furnishing accent I incorporate into many of my client's home at Brayton Homestead Interiors.

There were so many fantastic painted cupboards to choose from.  As I had recently presented my recycled jean skirts in a fashion show at the East Bay Chamber of Commerce in Warren R.I., I was drawn toward furniture with a faded denim patina!
  Doesn't this cabinet remind you of your favorite blue jeans?

 Here I am at the end of the fashion show wearing one of my plaid skirts with a lace insert and gold tone buttons purchased from my trip to Williamsburg . I walked with a handsome and sweet male model wearing my designs. I made the ascot  and cuffs he is wearing and accessorized a vintage jacket with an authentic tricorn hat and reproduction haversack. In the pixture in the top right corner on the inspiration board, a young female model struts her style in another of my one of a kind jean skirt designs with a vintage blue stripe fabric bottom with trim. 

Pictures left to right.
row 1:  1. mirror from Chairish, 2. my pic from Williamsburg, 3. flag chest from Chairish, 4. model in Brayton Cottage show,
Bottom row 2 : 1.cabinet  from Chairish, 2. Elle Decor and shirt Google.  

Not to mention my farmhouse, the Brayton Homestead, circa 1796, has many painted furnishings. It is full with red, white and blue tones, especially checks. .(This picture was of my kitchen in Country Sampler magazine this year.)

Small patina pieces are easy to be found (some  in my online shop) but it is harder to find larger pieces. My dream family room (below)  would contain many perfectly worn furnishings.  Vintage furniture adds a warmth to any space. Here, blues, gold and lots of comfort!

Crazy for this carpet too, also from Chairish; bold in color but still soft in tone and pattern. Both the chair and carpet are now on my wish list.

Red always make me smile, I hope that is the feeling when big red gates welcome visitors 
to my homestead ;they never fail to get noticed. 

So, what inspires your decorating ? 
Family, home, patina, color and texture inspire me. 
Distressed pieces take the worry out of a ding or scratch ruining your furniture. They make it more loved and comfortable -like your favorite pair of go-to  jeans! Entertain and welcome  your family and friends into your homestead, and enjoy!

Thank you CHAIRISH  for presenting me with this blog challenge
Thank you for visiting the homestead

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